For the stage, Basil has collaborated on numerous theatre productions with some of Australia’s theatre greats, at Sydney Theatre Co, Melbourne Theatre Co, Company B Belvoir, Bell Shakespeare, and Griffin, composing music and sound. For a complete list of productions, click here. The works highlighted below are independent musical theatre or dance works.

Contents (Selected Projects)

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Songs For The Fallen

"Have you ever walked into a show with no knowledge of what you’re about to see only to be blown away after mere moments and realizing you’re witnessed theater history? That is Songs for the Fallen."   Theater in the Now. Michael Block

After three fantastically successful seasons down in Australia and glowing reviews, Songs recently won Best Show at the  New York Musical Theatre Festival. Basil performed the music solo with a piano, drum, and host of little cute instruments.. all with a thumping "Baroque Pop" beat.


"The music unites pop with glamor and a tinge reminiscent of Duplessis’ time. And the lyrics are biting. The songs live harmoniously as one but easily could be given to a pop artist like Lady Gaga. In fact, this musical is a perfect show for the pop diva,As the one man band, Basil Hogios holds down the fort as he drops beats and masters the squeezebox. Hogios is just as an important player to Harbridge as this show is all in the timing."
"As the audience enters, Basil Hogios, co-writer of the music and lyrics, is robotically playing pop hits by the likes of Madonna, Michael Jackson, and Blondie with a dinky Casio-ish keyboard sound. Don’t be fooled: the cheesiness is for effect. Hogios plays the whole score himself with a full battery of electronic and acoustic sounds."
"Hogios’ musical direction has a great deal of intensity throughout."
"If “Songs for the Fallen” seems longer than an hour and 20 minutes, that may be because it’s so dense with wry musical observation.Basil Hogios and Harbridge have written Goth power ballad’s that easily could become a hit CD. Hogios plays them brilliantly on stage as he lends his powerful voice."
"The music and lyrics by Basil Hogios and Ms. Harbridge might be categorized as pop, but the extensively varied styles, for some uncanny reason are able to keep you planted in the French boudoir where Marie lived, entertained, played, suffered and eventually died. The sounds reflect a Kurt Weil for the new age. The cognoscente Mr. Hogios plays everything including computer beats, synthesizer, drums and more, producing sultry ballads to raucous celebrations supporting every mood and situation that arises."
"I for one immediately want to know where I can get the soundtrack"
The music is best described as a Top 40 DJ taking up residence in a regal French ballroom–that’s mostly a compliment..It’s also worth noting that Mr. Hogios, who plays the music and even provides some foley arts, never stops looking stylish in the corner. the originality and big top 40 style sounds are quite memorable and often a highlight."

Three Furies 

Scenes from the Life of Francis Bacon, Sydney, Adelaide and Perth Festivals. Produced by Performing Lines.

Three Furies, directed by acclaimed genius of theatre Jim Sharman (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and one of Australia's most treasured playwrights Stephen Sewell, is a visceral cabaret portraying Francis Bacon’s infamous and tragic relationship with George Dyer. Basil composed the songs and performed them as pianist live with his band. The Sydney Festival premiere season won a Helpmann Award for Best Direction and Best New Australian Work, and earned Basil the Best Music gong at the Sydney Theatre Awards.

Djuki Mala 'Wrong Skin'


Working with Australia's indigenous communities was one of the great privileges and pleasures for Basil in his career in Australia. Ngurru-milmarrmiriw [Wrong Skin] is a collaboration between the Elcho Island community, dancers Djuki Mala, and Elders with award-winning director Nigel Jamieson  to create a Romeo and Juliet tale of forbidden love in a community where the complex laws of ‘skin’ and clan define all relationships. Just off the coast of Arnhem Land in northern Australia, Elcho Island is a remote community of little more than 2,000 where the majority of islanders are under 21 - yet their Yolngu culture is connecting profoundly with peoples everywhere.

It is performed by the wildly spirited Djuki Mala, who captured 1.4 million YouTube fans worldwide with their exuberant interpretation of Zorba the Greek. Their unbridled interpretations include everything from Bollywood to Taiwanese martial arts alongside traditional creation stories.

Basil created the score and sound design, collaborating closely with the late David Page. One of the more interesting tasks was to re-mix the classic 'Singing In The Rain', and infuse it with the ethereal vocals of an Elcho Island singer. The track can be heard in the second half of the following trailer: