Short Films

Andy X (A Musical Dreamplay)

'A 40 minute screen seance with Andy Warhol'

Directed by stage icon Jim Sharman (Rocky Horror Picture Show), this musical dreamplay is a surreal look into the death of Andy Warhol. Music by Basil Hogios, Lyrics by Stephen Sewell and Basil Hogios, Sound Design and Mix by Basil Hogios.

The PM's Daughter (TV Series)

Season One, Score co-composed with Caitlin Yeo 

10 Episode Kids Drama Comedy Series

Produced by Freemantle and ABC

Created by Tristram Baumber

(audio samples coming soon)

The Passion Films (Short Film Series)

THE PASSION is a series of intimate short films, capturing some of the world’s most exciting actors in exclusive, commissioned performances, exploring and re-imagining key texts and modes of performance in contemporary settings. Pushing the boundaries between cinema, storytelling, poetry, contemporary art and performance. Directed by Laura Scrivano, each edition of THE PASSION is crafted through a creative conversation with the featured actor, with a script being developed based on a classic text or mode of performance of the actor’s choosing.  Basil composed the score, sound design and mixed the film, and was nominated for an APRA/AGSC Screen Music Award. More info here.



Based on poem "The Lovesong of J.Alfred Prufrock" by T.S. Eliot. Featured actor Daniel Henshall.


A music and film Experiment by Maia Horniak & Basil Hogios, combining animation and in camera effects, featuring a full orchestral score. A non dialogue film, the music was composed and fully orchestrated before the shoot. All camera movements and performance were then choreographed live on set to the pre composed music, each scene being performed and filmed in a single shot. (Australian Guild of Screen Composers/APRA Nomination)


This film by Ben Briand has had over 1.1 million views on Vimeo. Music and Sound Design by Basil Hogios. The Apricot theme is the most popular track on Basil's Album "A Spark In The Ashes", with over 16 000 listens on SoundCloud alone. Watch the whole film below.

8 Million Steps

Documentary series, produced on the road in Spain, directed by Maia Horniak. Basil was the sound recordist, composer, driver and luggage carrier. He recorded live flamenco musicians, which he then adapted to create the score of the films. He also mixed the audio and also did some picture editing. After 4 months on the road, he composed additional music and re-worked some of his existing music.

To see the films please visit the 8 Million Steps Website, or their Vimeo page. 

Blood Pulls a Gun

A teenage girl gets a keyhole look into a dangerous and mysterious world when a tattooed stranger checks into her roadside motel. Directed by Ben Briand, with music by Basil Hogios, additional music by Jack Moffit, sound design and mix by Basil Hogios. Watch the whole film below.