Basil is a composer, architect, music producer, sound designer and audio technologist, working internationally in film, television, performing arts, album production and art installation. He approaches music and story-telling from a highly collaborative, architectural perspective,  employing a unique design approach to any project, audio or visual. He currently is based in Europe (Prague) and in Sydney.

His rare combination of composing, producing, audio-visual design, and a passion for arts and culture has lead to working on large scale productions internationally. Recently he was the musical director/sound designer for Esch2022 European Capital of Culture Opening event in Luxembourg, reprising his role as composer/musical director for the Opening Ceremony of ECC Aarhus 2017, in Denmark. For Dreamworks and Global Creatures, he was the arranger, co-composer and re-mixer for the arena show of How To Train Your Dragon, working with  Jónsi & Alex and the composer of the film John Powell, under the direction of Nigel Jamieson. In Australia, he composed  orchestral and contemporary music with Caitlin Yeo for the major rework of The Australian Outback Spectacular. Also in Australia, Dream Masons was a theatrical spectacle of grand proportions drawing a public audience of 14000 people over four nights, with Basil conducting his own score for a musical ensemble and choir 

For the screen, Basil has scored over thirty films, from features to shorts, many of them screening and awarded in international film festivals. Most recently he composed the score for the Czech animated feature 'About the Devil'. He composed the score for the critically acclaimed feature film Romulus My Father, starring Eric Bana and Franka Potente, for which he received an AFI nomination, and collaborated with Caitlin Yeo to compose the 10 part TV series The PM's Daughter, and the haunting score for the Channel 7 tele-movie The Killing Field. He also composed for the feature All About E, fusing middle eastern and Greek elements into a contemporary film score. He also composed songs and score for Andy X, a screen 'musical dreamplay' by Jim Sharman (Rocky Horror Picture Show) based on the life of Andy Warhol.

Basil is no stranger to smaller stages. He performed the songs and live score in 3 seasons of the hit show Songs For the Fallen which won best show at the New York Musical Theatre Festival.  For the stage, Basil has collaborated with some of Australia’s theatre greats on mainstage shows for Sydney Theatre Co, Melbourne Theatre Co, Company B Belvoir, Bell Shakespeare, and Griffin. He collaborated with Nigel Jamieson on Wrong Skin, a devised dance/drama work at the Adelaide and Darwin Festivals. He was the musical director and pianist in Germany and Poland for Mrs Bang: a Series of Seductions which won Best Cabaret at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, and was nominated for a Green Room award. He received the Sydney Theatre Award for Best Score, for the critically acclaimed Three Furies, (Sydney, Auckland, Perth and Adelaide Arts Festivals), also directed by Jim Sharman, performing as pianist with his band. 

However Basil likes to work in areas beyond screen or stage composition. His three collaborations with renowned video installation artist Kate Murphy explore relationships between music/sound, image, narrative, and architectural space. He was also asked to design the visual projections for a concert 'Songs From the Green Land' in Copenhagen, for Aarhus Jazz Orchestra and an Innuit Choir.

He enjoys getting out of the studio from time to time: he spent 3 months on the road in Spain with the 8 Million Steps documentary project, resulting in no less than 10 short documentary films. He has released 2 albums, A Spark In The Ashes, and The Perfect Boy/Trapture. 

Basil also began a person work, 'Sylektis', which began as an experiment in remote collaboration during the Covid pandemics. He invented a new creative process that connected musical, sound and voice artists all around the world, focussing their artistic responses to human stories, found sounds, real-life events and poetry.  The musical tracks of Collection 1 are the results of that experiment, with another collection on the way.