Complete List & Awards

In alphabetical order. Click on links for further info.

Dream Masons (Outdoor public theatre event, 10 Days on the Island Festival)

Esch 2022: European City of Culture Opening Event

European City of Culture 2017 (Opening Ceremony,Aarhus Denmark)

​European City of Culture 2017, (Closing Ceremony, Hvide Sande, Denmark)

Heartland (Arena Spectacular, Australia)

How to Train Your Dragon (Arena Spectacular, Australia/USA)

RE:ESCH (Large scale Circus Spectacular)

As You Like It (Bell Shakespeare Co, director:John Bell)

Baulkham Hills African Ladies Troupe (director: Ros Horin)

Burning (Griffin Theatre Co, director: Ros Horin)

Concussion (Sydney Theatre Co)

Dark Heart (director: Lewis Jones)

Don's Party (Melbourne Theatre Co)

Edmond (director:Craig Illot)

Elling (downstairs Belvoir, director: Sarah Goodes)

Holding The Man (Griffin Theatre Company)

Italian American Reconciliation (Belvoir BSharp director: Sarah Goodes)

La Ronde (downstairs Belvoir)

Love Song (Melbourne Theatre Co, directo: Craig Illot)

Mr Bailey's Minder (Griffin Theatre Company, director: Christopher Hurrell)

Mrs Bang (Cabaret)

Myth Propaganda and Disaster..(Griffin Theatre Company)

Navigating Flinders (Ensemble Theatre Co, director: Christopher Hurrell)

Ray's Tempest - sound design (Belvoir St Theatre, director: Richard Roxburgh)

Request Programme (Sydney Theatre Co, writer/director Brendan Cowell)

Self Esteem (Sydney Theatre Co, writer/director Brendan Cowell)

Songs For The Fallen (New York Musical Theatre Festival, Old Fitz, Brisbane Festival)

The Glory of Living

The Tempest (Bell Shakespeare Co)

Three Furies: Scenes From the Life of Francis Bacon (Sydney, Perth, Adelaide Festivals director: Jim Sharman)

Trapture (performance art, Old Fitzroy, director: Shannon Murphy) link 2

Unspoken (director: Wayne Blair)

United States of Nothing (Griffin Theatre Company, writer/director Stephen Sewell)

What The Butler Saw (Belvoir Street Theatre Co, director: Jim Sharman)

What The Umbrella Did Next (ATYP)

Wrong Skin (Sydney and Darwin Festivals, director: Nigel Jamieson)


8 Million Steps (documentary series. Director: Maia Horniak)

About The Devil / 'O Certovi' (Animated Feature, Czechia)

All About E (Feature film, director: Louise Wadley)

Andy X (Director: Jim Sharman, 45 min)

China Love (Feature Documentary. Director Olivia Martin-McGuire)

Hammer Bay (director: Ben Briand)

IOU Elizabeth Jolley (TV documentary for ABC)

Melita (Virtual Reality Film)

Romulus My Father (Feature film, director: Richard Roxburgh)

The Killing Field (Television movie. Director: Samantha Lang)

The PM's Daughter (TV Series, ABC)

The Sellers (director: Maia Horniak)

The Perfect Boy (Amy Tam)

A Love Story (director: Simon Bare)

Apricot (director: Ben Briand)

Blood Pulls A Gun (director: Ben Briand)

Fear Not (director: Maia Horniak)

Godel Incomplete (director: Martha Goddard)

Hush (director: Maia Horniak)

Let's See How Fast This Baby Will Go (director: Julietta Boscolo)

Love Untitled (director: Maia Horniak)

Mr Cheng (director: Maia Horniak)

Passion Project 1: The Lovesong of J Alfred Prufrock (director: Laura Scrivano)

Passion Project 2: Alice (director: Laura Scrivano)

Ralph (director: Wayne Blaire)

Skin (director: Liselle May)

Test Drive (director: Lynne Vincent McCarthy)

Turn Around (director: Samantha Saunders)

The Branch (director: Julietta Boscolo)

The Present (director: Julietta Boscolo)

The Sound of Shadows (director: Julietta Boscolo)

The Wood Carver (documentary. Director: Maia Horniak)

Some Static Started (director: Ben Briand)

Sub- (director: Maia Horniak)


A Spark in the Ashes (solo album)

​Alex Hahn (EP album production)

Aysay (EP album production)

​Pale Ryder (Video/sound installation by Ben Briand)

The Note (Video/sound installation with Kate Murphy)

The Lift (Sound design for video installation by Kate Murphy)

Songs To The Green Land (video projection design for concert)

YiaYia's Song (Video/sound installation with Kate Murphy)

Music and Sound for various TV commercials including:

Vicks Beatbox Choir