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Romulus, My Father (Feature Drama)

A Feature Film by Richard Roxburgh, starring Eric Bana, Franka Potente, Kodi Smit Mcphee. Original music by Basil Hogios (AFI nomination for Best Feature Film Score). Listen to the complete score below.

About the Devil (Feature Animation)

Original orchestral Score by Basil Hogios for the animated feature in the Czech Republic. Recorded by CNSO (Czech National Symphony Orchestra) conducted by Adam Klemens. Animation directed by Mirek Zacharias at Silent Cartoons.

All About E (Feature Drama)

Australian feature film, directed by Louise Wadley and produced by Jay Rutovitz at Girl's Own Pictures. The irresistible musical challenge was to help tell the story of E the classical clarinetist, at odds with her new role as DJ, also the Australian landscape and E's Lebanese roots.  Basil incorporated Middle Eastern instruments, clarinet, strings and pop/electro elements combined to make a unique sound for this film. It's already a hit at the Sydney and Melbourne Gay and Lesbian Film Festivals. As "Same Same" said:

The soundtrack haunts with a succulent clarinet throughout, linking country and city, parents and daughter, the present and past of a central relationship that combines love and misunderstanding... the juxtaposition of Arabic music and iconic Australian landscape is particularly memorable.

All About E, Score Highlights:

The Killing Field (TV Drama)

Score co-composed with Caitlin Yeo for mainstream Australian Television