Sylektis is a collaborative music project started by Basil, with a focus on innovative process, intuition and chance. It’s origins were an experiment in remote collaboration sparked by the lockdowns of the Covid era, but evolved to become a diverse, international collective of musicians and media makers. Its artistic focus is extremely broad and deliberately eclectic, with Basil collecting sounds and stories and producing tracks, paving the way to far-reaching compositions and mesmerising songs with a cinematic flair. Collection 2 coming soon.

A Spark in the Ashes

Released in 2013, A Spark In The Ashes was an anthology of atmospheric music & soundscapes from a decade of work for the stage and screen, re-arranged, remixed & re-mastered to create a new listening experience. It takes the listener on a visually evocative jouney through a landscape of emotions, from Part 1 "Spark", the ethereal and uplifting, to the melancholy and dark Part 2 "Ashes".

The Perfect Boy | Trapture

The scores to two boundary-pushing artistic productions. The Perfect boy was an experimental film directed by Amy Tam. Trapture was a dark and confronting semi-improvised performance theatre piece by Sands Through The Hourglass, with the music performed live by Basil at each performance.